Hé, dat heb ik nou ook vaak!

http://twitter.com/omgidothistoo is een twitteraccount waarop om beurten mensen een dag twitteren over dingen waarvan ze denken dat jij en ik ze ook wel eens meemaken en vaak zitten er wel hele grappige dingetjes bij. 

Een aantal favorieten tot nu toe:
Pressing CTRL+V harder if it doesn't paste the first time.
"1, 2, 3...smile!" "Did you take it yet?" "Oh crap, it's on video mode."
Sitting in a movie theater, saying "We need to see that!" after every trailer. 
"I hate when I'm texting someone, and all they text back is 'lol.'
Guessing the time correctly without looking, and feeling like a god.
I've always wanted to get in a cab and say "FOLLOW THAT CAR!"
Trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way...twice.
That short moment on sleepovers when you wake up at your friend's house and don't know where you     are.
Yeah, okay, yes, yeah, yeah, okay, yes, okay, I know, okay, yes, BYE MOM.
I didn't know what a vuvuzela was until this week, but now I want one.
I like to jump around in video games for fun.
I feel my phone vibrate, but I don't even have it with me!
Sometimes I like to switch things up a bit, and set my alarm for times like 6:37 or 7:41
I would eat way more oranges if they weren't so annoying to peel.

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